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7407 East Riverside Dr.
Ontario, CA 91761
(909) 984-5131
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Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m.

Hats for sale at the Ontario, California open air market
It's sunny - bring your hat or buy one!

Crowd at the largest open air market in California - Ontario Maclin Market Ontario is the original, and one of the largest, Open Air Market in California, if not in the U.S. It is our family's first location and is the one discussed in the Maclin Story.

Established in 1936, this site was primarily a livestock auction that still continues on Tuesdays each week. Goats, sheep, cattle and pigs are sold. Hence, the pig stylized logo that Maclin uses to this day.

Historically, our roots were in the miscellaneous merchandise sold outside the auction barn to the people who attended. Contents were initially farm related: tools, jeans, eggs, tack, feed for animals, etc..

Pictues for sale at Ontario, California open air market swap meet flea marketOntario is located on the edge of the largest agricultural area in the county. Dairy farms, corn, strawberry, and other crops are still surrounding this location. The market is just 5 minutes from the 60 (Pomona) FRWY off of Euclid. We are located only 30 minutes from downtown L.A. , 20 minutes from the snow capped San Gabriel mountains, 40 minutes from nearby beaches and deserts.

Today's market location encompasses 40 acres. Spectators are welcome to view the Tuesday livestock auction in progress. Cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and horses are sold. Open Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, some vendor spaces are covered within our shopping aisles. Amenities offered include Americana fast food familiars and local specialties. We have one of the longest full service bars in the state. Over 500 vendors sell their merchandise on any given market day.

Plants for sale at the Maclin Swap Meet open air market in Ontario, CaliforniaProducts sold include: live exotic and domestic birds, fresh cut flowers and plants, shoes, garments for the entire family, art, accessories for the home, barber service, carpets, pet supplies, draperies and pottery. It is quite rare that a shopper leaves the market without finding something of great value without the high overhead. Band at the Ontario open air swap meet, CaliforniaHowever, the supply and availability of some goods are ever changing. Some vendors have been with our market for more than four decades. Some vendors come for only one day. Truly a consistent yet ever changing market. On weekends, entertainment is often provided for your enjoyment at the outdoor food court. A small admission fee is charged to shoppers. Free parking.

Sanck food grill at Ontario swap meet, California

Sellers Information

Rates: Tuesday...New Merchandise $20.00 Used Merchandise $10.00
Saturday...New Merchandise $25.00 Used Merchandise $15.00
Sunday...New Merchandise $30.00 Used Merchandise $15.00
Visa, MC or Cash ONLY no checks
Enclosed spaces are $5.00 more.

Vendors may reserve a space by:
1. Prepay in advance for the covered area only either one day, one week or one month depending upon the desired time of space use.
2. Select from space inventory on a particular day via first-come, first-serve basis for the covered area. All vendors must arrive by 7:30 a.m. and check in with the site manager's office. Prepaid vendors must be in their assigned space(s) prior to 7:30 a.m.
3. For the open area, sign up for a lottery between 5:30-6:30am. Enter through Gate 10 off Riverside Drive.

Parking in any designated area is permitted, however we encourage vendors to park on the perimeters of the grounds to allow shoppers convenient parking.

All merchandise may be unloaded by bringing your vehicle as close to your space as possible. Maximum speed in the market grounds is 3 m.p.h. All vehicles must be removed from fire lanes and aisles by 9:30 a.m.

No prepared foods or drinks can be sold. No weapons, no items that would be inappropriate for a family venue and, of course, nothing illegal may be sold. Primarily brand name and discount merchandise, antiques and collectibles and crafts are permitted. California law mandates that any vendor selling merchandise must have a resale license. Maclin Markets must have a copy of your license on file by the time you have sold at the market twice. Contact your local State Board of Equalization for this permit.

Listing for their offices can be found in your local telephone book yellow pages. You will need to tell them where you are selling; please have this address available. Directions: 2 blocks south of the Pomoma Freeway. Exit Euclid Ave. head south. Turn left on Riverside Drive. We are approximately 1 mile down Riverside Drive on the right side of the road. The market is on the corner of Riverside Drive and Campus Avenue. Site Supervisor's office is on Campus Avenue, mid-way down the block.

Maclin Market - The original Open Air Markets and largest swap meets, flea markets, Peddler's Village & Thieves Market, Drive In, fairgrounds, county fair grounds Markets Victorville
Maclin Market - The original Open Air Markets and largest swap meets, flea markets, Peddler's Village & Thieves Market, Drive In, fairgrounds, county fair grounds Markets Ontario Maclin Market - The original Open Air Markets and largest swap meets, flea markets, Peddler's Village & Thieves Market, Drive In, fairgrounds, county fair grounds Markets Indio

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